Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies (No Baking Powder/Soda!)

Recipe by Nita K
READY IN: 25mins




  • - Mix with spoon flour, chocolate chips and almonds.
  • - In another bowl mix with electric mixer egg, oil, sugar and salt until thick and the consistency resemble to mayonnaise.
  • - Add the flour mix into the egg mix. Fold with spatula, just until all wet.
  • - Put the dough in the fridge at about 15 minutes, while we heat up the oven to 170°C.
  • - Line a cookie tin with a baking paper.
  • - With two teaspoons make a ball of dough and put onto the the tin. You can press the dough a little with your finger to make it wider if you like.
  • - Bake about 10 minutes.
  • - Take out from the oven and let it cool. The first time they took out from the oven they might seems a bit soft, but after cooled it will be harden a bit. It will be chewy inside and crunchy on top.