Tangy Ambrosia Sald

"This is my favorite "fruit salad". You can use white or colored marshmallows."
photo by Marg (CaymanDesigns) photo by Marg (CaymanDesigns)
photo by Marg (CaymanDesigns)
Ready In:
5 cups




  • Combine all ingredients except marshmallows; chill for several hours.
  • Add marshmallows right before serving.
  • Also good with chopped pecans added!
  • Note: the original recipe had you mix the marshmallows in at the same time as the other ingredients, but I prefer to add them later as stated to keep them from getting mushy.

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  1. Took this salad to a barbecue, I used the long 'thread' coconut and as I couldnt find a lemon yoghurt here in NZ, I used an orange and apricot flavoured one. It was really yummy...thanks =)
  2. The recipe did not say to drain the juice from the pineapple and mandarin oranges and therefore it was very soupy!
  3. Awesome simple recipe. I used sour cream and added cherries. We all loved it. Thanks for an easy recipe.
  4. Same recipe I have used b4. I never used the lemon yogurt b4 and will try it next time. I always top this with cherry halves. It makes for a pretty presentation but don't put them on too soon or they may color the salad. Great for a Thanksgiving or Xmas dinner as it is refreshing like fruit when fruit isn't in season.
  5. I added fruit cocktail as well and coloured mini marshmellows about 10 minutes before serving. I made this for a pot luck luncheon. Very tasty


  1. Just made this tonight... it was good, but not the "Ambrosia" that I remember having at a party years ago. What drew me to this recipe was the use of sour cream instead of Cool Whip (I'm majorly anti -Cool Whip!!). I used pineapple tidbits instead of crushed, not sure if that made a difference or not. I added a little confectioners sugar because it still tasted too "sour cream". All in all, it came out good, but not EXACTLY what I wanted. The search goes on...! Thanks for the recipe.
  2. This has been a family favorite for years but instead of just one cup of mini marshmallows, I use close to one whole bag plus I add one cup of marachino cherries. If the mixture seems a bit thick, then I add some of the cherry juice. It's a big hit everytime!


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