Host an Oscars® Party with 9 Best Picture-Inspired Eats

These recipes should go home with their own Academy Award.

And the winner is ...

Let your guests indulge in these original recipes inspired by this year's greatest films, and it'll be your name in the envelope for "Best Oscars® Party."

Cream-Filled Peach Cookies

Pulled directly from the scenes of "Call Me By Your Name," these little beauties look, smell and taste like peaches.

Fruit Loop Treats

These ridiculously easy Fruit Loops treats are inspired by the end of "Get Out," and taken over the top with a hint of brown butter.

Wild Mushroom & Ricotta Galette

Flaky pastry topped with cheese and roasted wild mushrooms will take you back to Daniel Day Lewis' memorable performance in "Phantom Thread."

Sparkling Earl Grey Punch

Inspired by "Dunkirk," this tea-based punch has comforting hints of orange, ginger and clove.

Surf & Turf Deviled Eggs

Creatures of the land and sea come together in these colorful deviled eggs, just like they do in "The Shape of Water."

Double Scotch Caramel Affogato

Inspired by the drink of choice in "The Post," this 12-minute caramel gets a smoky twist with the addition of Scotch.

Oven-Fried Chicken Sliders

These "Lady Bird"-inspired chicken sandwiches forgo the messy frying process for a simpler sheet pan solution that tastes AMAZING.

Bucket of Beer

A bucket of brewskies is the only way to go when you're sitting down to a showing of "Three Billboards."

Stilton & Gruyere Cheese Board

This classic appetizer of fine cheese and Champagne would get the Winston Churchill stamp of approval in this year's "Darkest Hour."