15 Halloween Pie Recipes

From pizza pies and savory hand pies to pumpkin pies and beyond, if it's got a crust, it's on this list. Try one for a devilish dinner or demonic dessert this October.

Jack-O-Lantern Cheeseburger Pie

"We really enjoyed this fun and delicious dinner before taking the kids out trick-or-treating. It was great fun and really yummy!"


Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

"We devoured them, plain and simple, and they were wonderful! Still, another time I'd like to serve them topped with a homemade caramel sauce or just a slight drizzle of a chocolate sauce!"

-Sydney Mike

Apple Dumplings

"I would never have thought to use Mountain Dew in this way, but wow was it tasty. The dumplings were tender and so flavorful. The dessert came together rather quick, without much effort, which was a bonus! So good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Skeleton Slab Pie

Cherry pie gets a bloody spin for this ghoulish dessert on a slab. With pie crust ribs that turn golden brown with baking, this sweet treat is perfect for Halloween.

Ghostly Shepherd's Pie

"This was just too cute to pass up! The kids were so delighted and they ate everything on their plate. They were so distracted (they usually pick and choose veggies) and I was thrilled!"


Beetlejuice Apple Pie

Bugs in your food are typically frowned upon, but when they're as adorable and delicious as these hand-crafted critters, it's unlikely you'll get too much judgment. You can simply think of it as a deceptively delicious Nightmare Before Thanksgiving treat.


Pumpkin Pie

"This yielded a smooth, delicious, pumpkin-tasting pie—just what I was looking for! I hate to see the pumpkin masked behind spices and sugar, so this really fit the bill and I'm pretty sure it's healthier this way, too!"


Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake

"This was so easy to make and delicious to eat! I did half the cake with Reeses for me and the other half with Snickers for my husband. This was my first cheesecake and I couldn't be more happy."


Mac-O-Lantern Pie

"This was really fun. Made it for an adult Halloween party and everyone ate it up saying it reminded them of childhood. Thinking I should have tried the broiler to get that burnt cheese look... Maybe next time."

-Rebekah W.

Severed Hand Pies

Sloppy Joe filling or BRAAAINS? Whichever you prefer, the zombies in your life won’t be able to resist these savory pies.

Taco Nacho Pizza Jack-O-Lanterns

"These are SO fun to make and eat! We loved the meat and bean mixture; tasted fantastic along with the toppings we used for the faces. They're easy and fun to make, what more could you wish for with a Halloween recipe?"


Jack-O-Lantern Sloppy Joe Pie

Take this sloppy joe filling, stuffed with corn, chilies and salsa, and cover it with a kid-friendly pie crust that you can carve as you please!

Apple Crisp

"This is amazing! The best topping ever... It gets gorgeously brown and crisp, yet the inside is tender and full of flavour. I can see this becoming a family favourite!"


Pumpkin Hand Pies

"I used Hubbard squash instead of pumpkin. Made this in custard cups and it is wonderful!"

-Sandra H.

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

"YUM! These are reeeeeally good! I'm so glad I finally got to use up my surplus of pumpkin I bought for Thanksgiving! I am amazed by the utter simplicity of such a decadently delicious treat. I'll try to be careful not to blow my diet with these little gems!"

-The Spice Guru