20 Cornish Hens Recipes

With Cornish hens being a younger bird, they're smaller and easier to manage than your average whole chicken. Whip up a rub or a sauce, stick it in the oven and forget about it for a few hours. An easy Sunday lunch or weekend dinner is in your future.

Rotisserie BBQ Cornish Hens

“This is a recipe I use when I’m in the mood for BBQ chicken. The apple juice is a great addition because it’s not overpowering and adds sweetness.”

-Witch Doctor

Stuffed & Baked Cornish Hens

"Delicious, easy and so festive! I used all the pan juices and some water to cook the yellow rice.”


Roasted Cornish Hens With Mustard Glaze

"I was worried that this would taste too much like mustard, but it didn't at all! It was absolutely delicious and had a completely unique flavor. My whole family loved it. I just wish I had two more hens!”

-Olivers mommy

Glazed Cornish Hens

"These were so simple and so good. I loved the apricot baste.”


Easy Cornish Game Hens

"Very easy and delicious! I made it even easier by not cutting the hens in half. I cooked two hens, one for now and one for later.”

-sloe cooker

Baked Cornish Hens

"This may be a traditional dish, but the lemon and rosemary really gave it a wonderful flavor and made it into something special. It came out very moist and delicious. I served it with stuffing and veggies.”


Garlic & Rosemary Cornish Hens

"I made this Saturday night for family that came over. They really loved the big garlic taste and the kids also liked the the idea of having their own little chickens.”


Drunken Cornish Hen

“This is so simple and amazing. I tried this last night and we couldn’t get enough. Even a beginner cook like myself can do it.”


New England Roasted Cornish Hens

“Another fabulous recipe! It tastes great and the hens were oh-so-tender. A wonderful Valentine's dinner!”

-Kirstin in the Couv

Cornish Hens With Curry Apricot Glaze

"This was an excellent choice for Easter dinner! In addition to the hens, we had a spiral ham which I put the same glaze on. Our entire menu was a hit!”

-Linda S.

Deep-Fried Cornish Game Hens

"This was awesome. I made this for my father and it was juicy and crispy. If you’re looking for a Cornish hen different from the traditional oven baked version, this is the one.”

-The Real Cake Baker

Stuffed Cornish Hens

"Yummy! A great comfort food. I used a brown and wild rice mix, fresh mushrooms and one Cornish hen. An excellent dinner served with some baby carrots.”


Honey-Herb Cornish Hens

"I've made this dish four times and it tastes good each time. I've served this with potatoes, rice and braised red cabbage. This dish goes well with almost any side!”


Cornish Hens With Sage & Garlic

"I made this for Christmas dinner and we all loved it, especially my daughter who is not particularly fond of fowl. She said it was restaurant-quality.”

-Jodi Consoli

Roasted Cornish Hens With Dried Cherry Stuffing

“This was a big hit with my husband and I. It turned out beautifully, he’s already requested a repeat performance!”


Barbecued Vietnamese 5-Spice Cornish Hens

"These were great! I grilled them and they came out fantastic.”


Flattened Cornish Game Hens With Garlic-citrus Marinade

“Fantastic! We felt like we were back in Key West. They grill up really nice. This recipe is going to the cabin!”

-Hey Jude

Cornish Game Hens With Rosemary & Apple Stuffing

A decadent dinner party main course that will wow your guests! Stuffing them can be half the fun, and the pan drippings can be sopped up with delicious bread.

Stuffed Cornish Hens with Cranberry Glaze

"I love Cornish hens because they’re easy yet look so classy! This recipe was awesome.”

-WYO Baker

Pistachio-Crusted Cornish Hens

“You have simply got to try this! The flavor is divine! Extremely moist with the crust of cheese and nuts, and the stuffing had a lovely flavor as well!”