Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 5 mins

This is one of the simple and tasty recipes that chef Christian Sandefeldt has created to mark the start of the World Cup, using Scan Swedish meatballs. You can make it in just 10 minutes (perfect for half-time), it costs less than a fiver, feeds four and contains around 600 calories per serving, so it's faster, cheaper and better for you than most takeaways! You can find other meatball-based recipes at

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  1. Spread salsa over the tortilla.
  2. Place the grated cheese on the tortilla, covering it like a pizza
  3. Lay the meatballs and avocado slices on top of the tortilla.
  4. Put another tortilla on top.
  5. Toast under the grill on medium heat until golden brown.