Victory's Kicked up Crown Royal Steak Marinade

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

very tender great flavor steak with a zing

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  1. in a medium bowl combine all ingredients whisk till well blended.
  2. add steaks of you choice.
  3. marinade for 4 to 10 hours enjoy.
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WOW!!!!! This is a WONDERFUL marinade!!! Great combination of ingredients. I marinated our steaks not quite 10 hours. Our steaks vere very tender and VERY flavorful. Can't wait to make this again. Thanks for sharing, Victoryred Chef.

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Very tasty! We had this last week on chicken and I forgot to post a review on it. Glad I stumbled across it again. This was so easy to make. And it was very flavorful. I halved the recipe because there was only 4 of us eating. Will be making this again.

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AWESOME! This is a delightful marinade. MY Sweetie drowns even the best cuts of meat in steak sauce. I talked him into trying this before pouring. He loved it and didn't use a drop of steak sauce! The only alteration I made to the recipe was to use fresh garlic. We always have it on hand. The marinade created a beautiful golden glaze. I reserved a small amount to use for basting. Thanks for a wonderful marinade!