Recipe by Miss A.T.K.

I made this delcious recipe for chicken after learning all the secrets of the "trinity".

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  1. Wash chicken, pat dry, and sprinkle with adobo seasoning on both sides.
  2. Mince garlic and chop celery, red pepper, onion, and tomato.
  3. In a large pan, sauté garlic using non- stick spray or a little oilive oil (you will get the fat from chicken skin later and this is so vegetables do not stick to the pan).
  4. Slightly brown chicken on both sides.
  5. Add garlic and saute for a bit.
  6. Add rest of vegetables and enough water to cover chicken and vegetables half way.
  7. Cook until chicken is done.
  8. Variation of this which I did last night - when chicken way nearly done, I added more water and some pasta (whole wheat of course). Waited for pasta and chicken to be done and voila! So good!

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