The Black Swan House Dressing

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Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

This comes from The American Country Inn and Bed & Breakfast Cookbook. The Black Swan Restaurant is in Jefferson, Texas...not sure if it is still in business or not. We tried this and loved it.

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  1. In a food processor place the garlic, sugar, mustard, salt, and sour cream.
  2. Add the vinegar.
  3. Blend on continuous speed.
  4. In a thin stream, slowly add the oil.
  5. When blended, fold in the parsley and pepper.
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5 5

Really good!!! And very easy. Had everything on hand.

5 5

Excellent dressing, pure and simple. Restaurant quality.

5 5

This is an excellent salad dressing. I served this over iceberg lettuce wedges, and the combination was truly restaurant quality.