Thai Fish Sauce - Kosher/ Easy Style

READY IN: 2mins
Recipe by Miraklegirl

I couldn't find a kosher fish sauce to make pad thai with, so I make this instead. Works like a charm!

Top Review by Magpiebard

SUCH a help. While I don't have to worry about keeping Kosher, I do have allergies as well as celiac. So... no storebought fishsauce for me, alas. There isn't a brand on the market that I've found that can safely promise to not have any shellfish tucked away somewhere in the bottle. And I'm rather found of breathing! This is perfect and a much needed addition for when I want to cook something Asian. Between this, good GF tamari, and homemade versions of blackbean sauce and oyster sauce (another item that allergies make a work around so important) - I can once again cook my favorite Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean food! Thanks so much. Allergies and celiac have limited my husband and I's ability to go out to restaurants and explore different food cultures - but honestly? I think we're : having more fun, getting better tasting healthier food, and saving money doing it ourselves at home.

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  1. Mash anchovies with the garlic and soya sauce.

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