Thai Fish Sauce - Kosher/ Easy Style

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Prep 2 mins
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I couldn't find a kosher fish sauce to make pad thai with, so I make this instead. Works like a charm!

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  1. Mash anchovies with the garlic and soya sauce.


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SUCH a help. While I don't have to worry about keeping Kosher, I do have allergies as well as celiac. So... no storebought fishsauce for me, alas. There isn't a brand on the market that I've found that can safely promise to not have any shellfish tucked away somewhere in the bottle. And I'm rather found of breathing! This is perfect and a much needed addition for when I want to cook something Asian. Between this, good GF tamari, and homemade versions of blackbean sauce and oyster sauce (another item that allergies make a work around so important) - I can once again cook my favorite Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean food! Thanks so much. Allergies and celiac have limited my husband and I's ability to go out to restaurants and explore different food cultures - but honestly? I think we're : having more fun, getting better tasting healthier food, and saving money doing it ourselves at home.

Magpiebard August 31, 2011

This sounds good and I have been interested in finding this too, anyone ever try worcheshire sauce? Do you mix it with meat meals? June 14, 2010

At some point, fish sauce makers in Thailand will begin to seek certifications through the Union of Orthodox Congregations or some other kashrut certifying agency. Until then, people will have to rely on recipes like this one. I lived in Thailand for many years and am familiar with how it should taste and how it is made. I have no doubt that most of the major brands (Golden Boy, Tra Chiang or Tiparos) would meet the requirements but the Thai vendors need to respect the fact that many Jewish consumers will want to see the mark on the bottle before accepting the product as kosher. This recipe is passable (but has a much stronger anchovy flavor than the real thing. In terms of palatability, I would rate this recipe a 4, but in terms of authenticity in flavor for making a real Thai dish, I had to give it two stars which is why the final mark is 3 stars out of 5. I personally do use Thai fish sauce for my own coking only as I trust that it would be considered kosher under Kashrut laws.

Cremon October 14, 2008

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