Surprisingly Good Fauxlenta Frycakes and Lazy Bruchette

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Total Time
4 mins
20 mins

There was not much in the house today: just beer and silken tofu at first glance. So here's brunch..

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  1. Blend corona, silken, and spices in a blender. Let the mixture sit to thicken up a short while. Should be like pancake batter. Add more beer or more cornmeal to compensate for any inaccuracies in this recipe. Fry spoonfuls of this in a cast iron skillet, using olive oil or butter.
  2. Chop up tomatoes, discarding seeds. Chiffonade basil. Mix both with spices and olive oil. Use fresh garlic and onion if its onhand/you're ambitious/not lazy/you're game/not hung over.
  3. Everything in this recipe was measured to taste, or eyeballed. This would be great with some beans or greens or veggies chopped up in it!