Super Sleuth's Secret Summer Wine Cooler - for Twissis!

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 0 mins

A special drink that I made up for our wonderful cheerleader, who cheered the Cafe ZMAKK Gypsies on during ZWT4.......Twissis, this is hopefully a new wine cooler recipe for you, with a bit of a twist, TWIST eh?? Too funny! Enjoy it whilst revelling in almost 24 hours of sunlight in Iceland during the summer........maybe pop in a FRESH blueberry or two for a dramatic change! Serve this with a TWIZZLE stick and twirl the night away. (The preparation time is for the strawberries to freeze.)


  1. Put the strawberries into the freezer, when they have frozen solid, place them in the base of a champagne flute.
  2. Pour in the peach schnapps, then fill to the top of the flute with chilled champagne.
  3. Serve, and then log in to Recipezaar for a "fix" or relax!
  4. (In leaner times, chilled Chablis, Chardonnay or a white sparkling wine can be used in place of champagne.).
Most Helpful

I echo Gypsy Sarah, altho for me it will be more than summer fare. Altho not my intent, DH bought a sparkling red wine from Chile that advertised itself as infused w/a strawberry flavor. Altho the strawberry flavor became more prominent, the peach flavor was also strongly present & the combo yummy as we celebrated our wedding anniversary last wk. TYSM for honoring me w/such a great way to celebrate *all spec occasions* . :-)

twissis August 05, 2008

FT & Twis!! A flavor explosion!! What an indulgent and decadent combination!! I used sparkling wine in place of champagne!! Refreshing summer drink!

Mom2Rose July 24, 2008