Sunday's Blast! Wrap (Bacon, Let., Avocado, Smoked Turkey, Tom.)

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by Sunday

This is a favorite sandwich or wrap of mine that I love to make into a wrap or leave as a sandwich. The tastes are phenomenal! Note: Sprouts are optional! Enjoy! ( I also forgot to add, you can make these as wraps or even pinwheels and serve them as appetizers!)

Top Review by PetsRus

We loved all the ingredients on this sanwich and the bacon gave it a lovely crunch!

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  1. First, cook the bacon either in a skillet or my preferred way, in the oven (or convection oven at 350 until crispy and fat is somewhat drained).
  2. Toast your whole wheat bread!
  3. Take the four Romaine leaves and cut off the bottom half enough so the top of the leaf will cover the bread.
  4. Cut your avocado into quarters, and then slice the quarters diagonally so they will lay on the sandwich nicely.
  5. Get out your smoked Turkey!
  6. Cut your plum tomatoes in half lengthwise and then slice until done a thickness that will lay nicely.
  8. Take 1 toasted whole wheat bread slice and put a tablespoon of mayo and spread. If using dijon as well, take the other slice and spread a tablespoon of dijon on it.
  9. If using sprouts lay on top of mayo slice.
  10. Lay the Romaine leaf tops on the mayo covered bread.
  11. Lay the bacon, tomato, avocado, smoked turkey and then the bottom cut of the romaine leaf.
  12. Put the dijon (or dry) covered remaining slice of bread and cover sandwich.
  13. Flip sandwich mayo slice on top and cut diagonally!
  14. Enjoy the tastiness!

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