Strawberry Shortcake, Gypsy Style

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READY IN: 1hr 10mins
Recipe by Laura Sage

From a July 1961 insert entitled "Good Housekeeping's' recipes for summer living...when your dining room is all outdoors"

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  2. In a medium bowl, with fork, stir together 2 cups biscuit mix, sugar, milk, melted shortening. Beat briskly until blended; turn onto pastry board dusted with biscuit mix. Knead gently until smooth; cut in halves.
  3. Pat one half of dough into bottom of well-greased 9-inch metal or disposable foil pie pan; dot with butter or margarine; on top pat other half of dough.
  4. Cover shortcake with second well-greased 9-inch metal or disposal foil pie pan. Wrap in double thickness of foil, having fold across top; press two ends of foil down around pie pan. Set wrapped shortcake in freezer.
  5. Now wash, hull, then slice strawberries lengthwise; crush and sweeten some of them, if you wish; pack in one or two covered containers; refrigerate.
  7. Pack frozen shortcake, strawberries and dessert topping in an insulated picnic carrier, ready to carry to the picnic.
  9. Build a bed of glowing coals over which to "bake" shortcake; this takes about 1/2-hour.
  10. About an hour before dessert-time, open up foil ends of shortcake package. Place it on grill, 4 to 5 inches above glowing coals; bake 30 minutes; then remove from heat; remove foil, invert pie pans, so baked side of shortcake is on top. Bake about 10 minutes, or till done.
  11. When done, remove shortcake from grill. Lift off top pie pan; then, with sharp knife, split shortcake in half horizontally, setting top half in other pie pan.
  12. Top bottom half of shortcake with one or two layers of strawberries. Replace top half, then cover with rest of berries as pictured. Garnish with dessert topping; serve in wedges.

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