Total Time
13hrs 10mins
Prep 13 hrs
Cook 10 mins

Very old recipe using marshmallows, stawberries, whipped cream, Jell-O, and graham cracker crumbs. I am sure you could make this with marshmallow fluff and Cool whip if you wanted.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Dissolve jello in boiling water.
  2. Stir in strawberries.
  3. Chill mixture until thickened.
  4. In a double boiler, mix marshmallows and milk; melt marshmallows; and cool.
  5. (if you use fluff,dont add milk ,just mic it a second to warm it a little).
  6. Fold in whipped cream.
  7. Pour over graham cracker crumbs that you have put in a buttered 9x13 casserole dish; chill.(mix butter in crumbs).
  8. When Jell-O is thickened, pour over marshmallow mixture.
  9. Chill 12 hours until completely set.