Spicy Hot Cocoa Mix

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Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

Dairy-free hot cocoa mix with spices and a touch of pepper.

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  1. Put all ingredients together in a jar or container and shake to mix. Once ingredients are mixed, use a sifter to blend and break down lumps. Store in jar or container.
  2. Add (to taste) to a hot cup of your favorite milk or milk substitute and enjoy!
  3. This recipe is not overly sweet, so if you like a sweeter cocoa be sure to add more sugar. The cayenne gives the drink a nice little kick!
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My changes: I used brown sugar, doubled ALL of the spice measurements, and used the food processor to get the lumps out. I put it in a pretty jar with some cinnamon sticks and will give it to a vegan friend as part of her Christmas gift. My test cup was delicious! Seriously, add more spices though - the more kick it has, the more warming this drink is on a cold winter's night. :)

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very yummy and seasonal (i had to omit the cayenne pepper as we did not have any)