Slovak Halushki With Potato Dumplings

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Recipe by scg3990

This is an old family recipe and we use potato dumplings rather than noodles of other versions, It is a Great Lentin dish or just an all around comfort food.


  1. In large pot, boil 12 cups of lightly salted water. Cut bacon into very small pieces and put into large stockpot on medium heat. Cut cabbage in half and shred. Put into the stockpot with the bacon.Cut up onion into chunks and place in, also.Add Paprika,Season Salt,and black pepper. Stir often to prevent sticking or burning. Peel potatoes and shred into large bowl. Add flour aall little at a time, mixing at the same time. When all mixed, add egg. Mix thoroughly. Form into big ball and put onto cutting board. With knife, cut thin strips and drop into boiling water. When dumplings rise to the top, they are done. Continue doing this until all of ball is cut into dumplings and boiled. As they are cooked,set aside until cabbage and bacon is cooked. When Cabbage is tender and bacon is done, add dumplings, stir, and Serve!

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