Slovak Christmas Mushroom Soup

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This is a family tradition to be made on Christmas Eve. If you love sauerkraut, you'll love this soup. Tart and delicious. Simple to make and smells heavenly. It can be very hard to find cans of straight sauerkraut juice, which is probably why it's such a coveted recipe and we only get it once a year. (if we're lucky enough to find the juice) This soup is supposed to bring you good luck for the upcoming new year! Happy cooking! *note: this is a handed down recipe and therefore I don't always have exact measurements, what is listed below is how my aunt and I made the recipe*

Top Review by justme313

This is our favorite soup too!! I use canned mushrooms which is easier for me. I recently found a farmers market that sells..sauerkraut and they had sauerkraut juice so I bought several gallons of it. I also ask our local store manager to order it for me. FRANKS sauerkraut juice is made in Fremont, Ohio...might have to take a road trip to buy some. Who would think sauerkraut juice could make such a yummy soup??

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 113.39 g packagedried oyster mushrooms
  • 113.39 g package dried shiitake mushrooms
  • 226.79 g package white button mushrooms
  • 7 (2778.25 g) can sauerkraut juice (more or less depending on how tart you want the soup)
  • 473.18 ml water (or to taste)
  • 340.19 g boxtiny noodles (ex. Pastina or Acini di pepe)
  • 59.14 ml butter
  • 118.29 ml flour


  1. Directions:.
  2. Remove dried mushrooms from packages and soak in water to re-hydrate.
  3. Wash button mushrooms and coarsely chop. Do the same with the re-hydrated mushrooms.
  4. Pour the kraut juice and water into a large pot. Add mushrooms. Bring to a boil and simmer for a minimum of two hours. (you can go longer)
  5. Cook pasta till al-dente and set aside.
  6. Once the soup has simmered for at least two hours, make the roux. Melt the butter in a small skillet. Add the flour. Cook until the flour has thickened and you have a nice blond-like color. Add the roux to the soup.
  7. You're done!
  8. How to serve:.
  9. Have pasta in one bowl and soup in another. Scoop some noodles into your bowl and add the broth on top. Oh, heaven in a bowl. Wishing you years of good luck! :).

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