Sloe Gin

READY IN: 1440hrs 15mins
Recipe by Tina and Dave

This recipe is from the BBC site. Although this tastes great after two months, as with all liqueurs it tastes better the longer you can bear to leave it! Please note that the cooking time is actually just waiting until it's ready!

Top Review by Gluteus Maximus

I've been making Sloe Gin for years and the "cloves" and "almond essence" are additions I have never come across before and I wouldn't have thought were needed. For a slight variety, try adding some Blackberries (about 2:1 ratio, Sloes to Blackberries.) Also, use the cheapest Gin you can find. Supermarket "own brand" is usually perfectly acceptable. Happy distilling !

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 300 g sloes
  • 150 g sugar
  • 500 ml gin
  • 4 whole cloves (optional)
  • 3 drops almond essence (optional)


  1. Wash and dry the sloes.
  2. Either pop them in the freezer for a week or so, until the skins after cracked, or use a needle or sharp skewer to make holes in their skins.
  3. Put the sloes into a large glass jar or bottle.
  4. Add the sugar.
  5. Pour on the gin.
  6. Add the cloves and essence if using.
  7. Seal the container.
  8. Leave the container for at least two months. Shake it every two or three days at first, then every week.
  9. Strain the liquid into smaller bottles. The longer you wait before this step, the better the drink will taste.
  10. Be warned - this is strong stuff! (Hic!).

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