Selection of Spiced Tea Cookies

Total Time
Prep 40 mins
Cook 10 mins

4 in 1! With the same dough you'll prepare a 4 different cookies to offer to your guests!

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Cream butter and sugar in the bowl of an electric stand mixer.
  2. In a large bowl, stir together the flour, baking soda and salt.
  3. Divide the dough into 4 equal portions.
  4. Add to each portion the desired quantity of spieces.
  5. Place one portion on a sheet of plastic wrap on a work surface.
  6. Using your hands and the plastic wrap, roll the dough into a log 1 inch in diameter, making sure that the plastic wrap covers the entire roll.
  7. Flatten the ends of the log by gently tapping them on the work surface, then fold the plastic wrap over the ends.
  8. Roll the log a few more times to make as smooth and even a cylinder as possible (for round cookies).
  9. Wrap the log in an additional sheet of plastic.
  10. Repeat with the remaining 3 dough portions.
  11. Lay the four logs in the refrigerator until they are firm, for at least 2 hours or up to overnight.
  12. To Bake: Position a rack in mid oven and pre-heat to 350 degrees F (180 degrees C) (heat and timing are basing it on convection oven).
  13. Have 2 ungreased baking sheets ready.
  14. Remove 2 logs from the fridge and unwrap them.
  15. Cut log into 1/4 inch thick slices.
  16. Place slices on baking sheet, spacing 1 inch apart; they spread as thy bake.
  17. Bake cookies about 10 minutes, until their edges are golden and tops are pale gold.
  18. Then transfer the cookies to wire rack(s).
  19. Cool completely.


Most Helpful

Such good cookie, I just loved them! Althouhg you missed a couple of steps when it came to adding the egg ,and mixing the flour in, I was experienced enough to know when to mix the remaining ingredients. My favourite two types of cookies were the ginger and the cinnamon. Both went very well with the recipe, and my tea.

Studentchef December 21, 2010

Awalde, these are the best spiced tea cookies that my dh & I have tried on this site. They were perfection. Excellent flavor and the crumb was wonderful, the cookies simply melted in our mouths. We really enjoyed these tasty treats, we both kept going back to the cookie jar until they were all gone. It only took 1 day (we never do that, but we couldn't help ourselves). These are that good. The only change I did was to add the cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg to the dough, instead of making seperate cookies, so very good. My dh has asked that I make these for him this weekend, even though he currently has blueberry cake and chocolate chip cookies to eat. I can't wait to try these again. A great big thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe which has also gone into my Best of Cookbook for 2014. Kudos to you my friend. Made for Aussie Swap - March 2014.

Baby Kato March 21, 2014

Made this delicious cookie dough today -- only baked off one roll and froze the rest to have throughout the holidays. I prefer cinnamon vs. the other ingredients so I stayed with it and they were delicious. Next time I'll be a little more adventurous and try the other spices. Made for PRMR, December, 2013.

DailyInspiration December 21, 2013

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