Rose's Fried Gizzards

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Total Time
15 mins
30 mins

This is one of my hubby's favorite "beer chasers". He enjoys having it during football season with a cold bottle of Corona. But you can enjoy it anytime, and believe me, you can't have just one piece.

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  1. First you want to prep gizzards for cooking. Remove gizzards from container and discard chicken hearts if they're present. Cut away excessive fat and gristle, then wash gizzards thoroughly under running cold water.
  2. Using a pressure cooker, I have an electric one, which makes things so easy. Add the gizzards and the next 3 ingredients. Add just enough water to cover the gizzards. Bring up to pressure for 10 minutes.
  3. When done, drain completely in a colander. In another bowl, combine the rest of the ingredients, except the oil and blend well.
  4. In a deep fryer or skillet, heat the oil. Dredge the gizzard pieces in flour mixture, coating well. Fry in batches until golden and crisp.
  5. Drain on paper towel and serve hot. I prefer to serve these with sliced jalapenos or tartar sauce on the side for dipping. ENJOY!
  6. Variation: If you don't have a pressure cooker, another option is to boil the gizzards. Boil for about 30 minutes to tenderize.
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You should NEVER discard the hearts, you cook them the same way as the gizzards.

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Usually chicken gizzards are chewy, but using the pressure cooker first made them tender! I used a deep fryer and they turned out great! I didn't have any Accent seasoning, so I left out this ingredient. I reduced the salt in the flour mixture (1 1/2 T seemed like too much), but they needed salt - so next time I'll put in the full amount. My dh is the pickiest eater on the planet, and he gave this recipe the ultimate compliment...he said, "This is a KEEP!"<br/>Months later...I bought some Accent seasoning, and it made these even MORE tender. I always make some tartar sauce to have with these. This has become one our favorite meals! Thank you SO much!

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Oh goodness, these little gems were delightful. We love gizzards but sometimes they are a bit chewy. This recipe wasn't like that. They were tender and oh so good. Thank you for sharing withus.