Primanti Brothers Sandwich Pittsburgh original!!!

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

The Primanti Brothers opened their restaurant in Pittsburgh in the 1920s. Their idea was to create an eating place that was simple but offered tasty food. It is no wonder that the Primanti Sandwich was the result -- it's a whole meal in each bite. Ham, french fries, tomato, provolone cheese, and coleslaw are stuffed between two slices of Italian bread and served on wax paper. You can't get it any simpler than that.

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  1. Spread mayonnaise on bread.
  2. Layer your choice of the above ingredients.
  3. Serve on wax paper for authenticity.


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I know the recipe for the cole slaw

10 lb of shreaded cabage
1 2/3 gallon of apple cider
4 cups of sugar
1/2 cup of salt
1/4 cup of pepper

There is no mayo no celery seed. I've had to make this every week when I lived in pittsburgh

kreamfire September 15, 2011

The sandwich made properly wold be 5 stars. Here are a few hints, some are echoes from previous reviewers. I too am from the Western PA area and have had a few Primanti Bros. sandwiches in my day, and found a recipe that is as close as I think anyone will get that whenever I have the craving I make them myself.

Cole Slaw is made with finely shredded green cabbage, apple cider vinegar celery seed and sugar. No Mayo here.
Bread is thick sliced white Italian bread, as fresh as you can find, if needed warm in a micrwave for 16 - 20 seconds just before you put the meat on the bread.
French Fries are Fried twice, 1st on Medium heat, second on High heat. allowed to cool/drip in between, while oil heats back up to the higher temp.
Meat is warmed on a grill or cast iron skillet, flipped then cheese added until it melts, then place on the bread, top with coleslaw and fries, slam the top peice of bread down on top to hold it all together, wrap in butcher paper and cut in half. Enjoy your sandwich, the paper hold's it together. BTW, I omit tomato.

CaptBillWilson February 05, 2011

The correct assembly of this sandwich is important. Following the picture on the Primanti, the warmed meat goes on first, with the melted cheese covering the meat. Then, and this is the critical part, you stack on the fries. The melted cheese helps to keep the potatoes from falling out. Next comes the cole slaw and then the tomatoes. Top with a second slice of bread, cut in half and wrap in paper. The cole slaw dressing soaks into the potatoes and seasons the tomatoes at the same time but doesn't make the bread soggy.

A whole meal inside 2 slices of bread.

Laura2of7 July 16, 2012

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