Pouch Potatoes

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Total Time
1hr 15mins
15 mins
1 hr

This is an quick and easy recipe for summertime grilling!

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  1. Slice potatoes ¼ inch thick.
  2. Cut onions in half, then in ¼ inch thick slices.
  3. Cut squash or zucchini in ¼ inch thick slices.
  4. Cut pepper in half, remove seeds, and then cut in ¼ inch thick slices.
  5. Lay two large pieces of aluminum foil on table, set one potato on each.
  6. Alternate potato with slices of onion, squash or zucchini, and green pepper.
  7. Top potato and veggies with chopped garlic.
  8. Sprinkle liberally with Worcestershire sauce, Italian dressing, and balsamic vinegar.
  9. Add remaining spices liberally after the liquid has been added.
  10. Seal foil well.
  11. Bake over grill, rotating every 15 minutes, for one hour.
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Another winner, Art. I used both yellow squash and zucchini, skipped the salt, and upped the garlic. Poured a little melted cheese sauce over the final product. What a treat.

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Tasty recipe, thanks for sharing. Careful not to burn or consider using cooking spray or oil in the pouch.

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The aroma of these cooking on the grill was absolutely divine! I loved the combination of cinnamon and cumin on the potatoes! YUM! I think I will leave out the vinegar next time (personal preference), but I will certainly make these very tasty potatoes again! Thanks for a great recipe! -CG