Pop's Roast Turkey Sandwich

Total Time
10 mins
2 mins

I recently ate at a small lunch place in Southington, CT. I ate a version of this sandwich, although they used smoked pork loin instead of turkey. Obviously, if you happen to have any leftover pork loin or even roasted ham, feel free to substitute for the turkey. I made my own version at home, and the turkey was what I used (I also used the lesser amounts).

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  1. Lightly toast the bread and spread with butter to taste.
  2. Roll up the turkey into logs and place on one piece of bread.
  3. Top with cheese,apple slices, and lettuce.
  4. Spread apricot jam and mayo onto the other slice of bread and place on top of the other slice.
  5. Poke a toothpick on each side of the sandwich to hold it together, then cut through the center, on a slight diagonal.