Pioneer Woman’s Beef Brisket

Total Time
7hrs 15mins
Prep 15 mins
Cook 7 hrs

This is a delicious fork tender way to cook brisket and the "au ju" is so good. I serve with her Fluffy New Potatoes (which I have posted to with the au ju spooned over them, Ree's The Bread (which I've posted as well) and my own Orange Ginger Glazed Carrots, also posted here. . Cooking time does not include 24 - 48 hours marinading time. You can see the entire recipe with picture directions here:

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  1. Combine first five ingredients in large roasting pan (a disposable is just fine because as Ree says: "For Brisket, I sometimes like to use these heavy, disposable aluminum numbers. Makes it easy to pop in the freezer if you want, or to transport it to a picnic, funeral, or tailgating party"). Place brisket in the marinade, fat side up (Ree says: "I usually scoop up some of the marinade and pour it over the top").
  2. Cover tightly with foil. Marinate in refrigerator for 24-48 hours.
  3. When ready to cook, place pan covered in foil into a 300-degree oven. Cook brisket for approximately 40 minutes per pound. After your approximate cooking time, open the oven door and peel back the foil. Stick two forks into the meat and make sure it’s fork-tender/falling apart, which means you can pull it apart to some degree. It may still be tough in the middle. If it is, just cover it and stick it back in for another hour.
  4. When fork-tender, transfer whole brisket to a cutting board. With a long, serrated knife, begin cutting away the slab of fat. It should be very easy to remove. If you get a little meat with it, don’t panic. There’s plenty where that came from.
  5. Slice against the grain and place slices back into the cooking liquid. Serve immediately, spooning juice over the slices. Barbeque sauce may be used, if preferred. The sauce is really tasty and it’ll keep it really moist. If you serve potatoes with it, go ahead and spoon some jus over them, too.
  6. You may store pan in fridge for up to two days or freeze for use at a later date. If fat collects and hardens at the top, remove and discard.
  7. Brisket is great with mashed potatoes, with the juice spooned over the top. It’s also great on a sandwich with melted cheese.
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I love Ree and ever since I found this recipe it's the only one I use now. It's so super easy and tender! I have always used low sodium soy sauce and marinated for 24 hours and have never found it to be too salty, this coming from someone who is very adverse to salt. Glad to see it here on Zaar!

carmenskitchen December 23, 2010

Tried this recipe out using a 7 lb brisket. I reduced the sauce to 3/4 of the stated amount using low sodium soy sauce. I always cook my brisket at 350 covered in a cast iron dutch oven and went with that method until it was "fork twist" tender. Slice the meat and tossed back into remaining juices. Delicious! Family loved it with mashed potatoes. I felt it was pretty salty but it didn't bother anyone else. I'm going to experiment next time and try just making it with out the 24 hour marinating time, thinking that might cut down on the salty flavor. Thanks for sharing, my friend introduced me to Pioneer Woman and she has great recipes!

DDW December 14, 2010

This is the most disgusting brisket recipe I have ever made. Tough. Salty beyond comprehension. I've been cooking brisket since I'm 15 using my Mother's and Grandmother's recipes. I wanted a change so tried Ree's. Incredibly disappointed doesn't even BEGIN to describe the experience. Brisket is not cheap and it was a complete waste of $68 on meat alone. #disgusting #inedible

sweetdifferent51 July 13, 2015