Pineapple Snowball Cake

Total Time
24hrs 15mins
Prep 15 mins
Cook 24 hrs

Dr. and Mrs. Turner brought this cake regularly to meetings of the Mid-Ohio Scottish Heritage Association. I always made sure to leave room on my plate for this dessert! The recipe was published in "The Centennial Cookbook of the Daughters of Scotland". Cooking time includes overnight chilling.

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  1. Soften gelatine in cold water. Add boiling water, sugar, juice, pineapple and salt. Mix well. Refrigerate until partly jelled.
  2. Prepare 2 packages whipped topping mix according to directions. Fold into jelled mixture.
  3. Line a large mixing bowl with waxed paper or extra-wide plastic wrap. Break the angel food cake into 1-inch chunks. In the lined mixing bowl, make layers of cake and jelled mixture, alternating and finishing with jelled mixture.
  4. Chill overnight.
  5. Next day, prepare 1 package whipped topping mix. Take cake from refrigerator and turn upside down on large plate. Remove bowl and waxed paper. Frost with whipped topping mix. Chill until serving time.
  6. NOTE: If you substitute Cool Whip or whipped cream, you will need six cups. However, I can't speak to the results of using those ingredients.
Most Helpful

What a hit this dessert was! 6 people polished off 3/4 of it before I could get out of the kitchen to grab my share! Thanks to the chef, I found the "whipped dessert topping" - aka Dream Whip - blast from my past - pre-Cool Whip era. ;-) (note- if you elect to sub Cool Whip or whipped cream - 1 ( 2.5g) envelope of topping, prepared, yields 2 cups so you would need 6 cups total) The prep - This goes together easily and despite my misgivings, came out of the bowl intact. I found that the extra-wide plastic wrap was easier for lining the bowl than waxed paper. The taste - a mild, creamy pineapple flavor. Might benefit from a shot of pineapple extract to make it shine. - This would also be a fun recipe to tweak using different flavors and fruits - strawberry comes to mind. Thanks, Debbie R., for sharing this!

SusieQusie February 18, 2007

This was a huge hit. I used short cakes instead of angle food cake for a better flavor. Everyone loves the short cakes better. I also add coconut to mix jello mix. I put coconut on the cool whip with a few cherries. And I use cool whip instead of the whip packets. It's great because you can add anything you want i.e coconut, walnuts, more fruit and it works.

Stephie20us July 03, 2011

I use to make this dessert several times per year for family gatherings, and it was always a big hit! It is especially cool and refreshing on a hot summer day. Its pretty snowball appearance takes everyone's mind off the scintillating summer temperatures.

grammyof3 March 28, 2009