On the Grill Potato Packets

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 20 mins

This recipe is total simplicity -- lightly smoked potatoes, perfumed with rosemary and olive oil.

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  1. When the fire is lit but not ready, lay out 8 pieces of foil (about 12 by 8 inches) and brush with olive oil.
  2. Shingle an eighth of the potatoes in a circle in the center of each piece of foil. Break the onion slices into rings and scatter evenly over each potato ring. Equally divide the remaining olive oil, rosemary, salt, and pepper over the potatoes.
  3. With the potato rings intact, bring the two large edges of foil to the center, sealing firmly.
  4. Fold over the other two short edges to seal. Place on a medium or medium-hot fire for 20 to 25 minutes or until the potatoes are cooked through (Cooking in foil packets is not an exact science, so remember to check one packet after 20 minutes for doneness and to make sure the bottom isn't burning.
  5. If necessary, finish cooking with another foil sheet under the packets.).


Most Helpful

Yummy! I made these in the oven, because everything else I was preparing that night went in the oven. LOL! Just love it when everything can be done at one time in one place! These were delicious and I can't wait to try them on the grill to get a bit of a smoky flavor. Thanks for sharing! Made for Market tag game.

breezermom December 21, 2012

I had to make these in the oven since there's a shortage of propane right now and nobody is selling any and we were out! These were still good in the oven. I used parsley and thyme instead of rosemary. Made for I Recommend Zaar Tag Game 2011.

nemokitty January 25, 2011

Only made the one parcel and baked in the oven at 175C fan forced for 30 minutes but the result was beautiful sweet caramelised red onion and tender potato slices, thoroughly enjoyable with a steak, mushrooms and steam vegetables. Thank you Annacia for a great recipe and Boomette for receommending, made for I Recommend tag game.

I'mPat December 28, 2010

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