Old Fashioned Cocoa

Total Time
10 mins
5 mins

You'll never go back to instant cocoa again!

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  1. In a small pan, combine cocoa and sugar, whisk in half and half till smooth.
  2. Over low heat, whisk in milk and vanilla, bring to a simmer.
  3. Pour into hot mugs and top with cream and chocolate.
  4. To add variety add cinnamon and nutmeg before adding milk, or use peppermint extract in place of vanilla.
Most Helpful

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Rich chocolatey cocoa with a dominate chocolate flavor. Used Penzey's dutch process cocoa and loved it. Not very sweet, though, and all three of my kids refused to drink it as is. A little more sugar made it just right for the kiddie crowd. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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WOW! This is the REAL THING! A taste from my childhood that I never thought I'd find again...My kids love hot chocolate, but we ran out of the instant packets so we gave this a try and GUESS WHAT...Cheyenne specifically requested that I do NOT get more instant packets at the store! LOL! So far this week, we have made a batch for their bedtime snack 4 days in a row! I love the richness that the vanilla adds and the creaminess that the half & half adds. PERFECTION!! Thank you for sharing this, Shirl!

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Simple and delicious. I like that there is not a terribly large amount of sugar so the flavor of the chocolate really shines through. The amount of half-and-half is just right for this to be rich and delicous without being cloying and overpowering. I think the powdered sugar gives a gentler sweetness than many other cocoas made with regular sugar. I know this one's a keeper because I made it once and then went back to make it the next day! Thanks!