North Croatian Roasted Duck

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 12 mins

This is traditional fall dinner, usually served with “mlinci” (recipe also on Zaar). It is very easy and simple; I am adding some of my procedure tricks.


  1. Clean the duck and salt only from inside 2-3 hours before roasting. Add one tablespoon of marjoram inside the duck to cover inside meat.
  2. Heat oven to 250°C If there is enough fat inside duck, remove this fat and melt it separately in small pot; add lard. Heat lard and pour over duck’s skin (that way we close pores on skin).
  3. Immediately put the duck into hot oven, roast 20 minutes on 250°C and than reduce heat to 180°C Last 20 minutes roast again on 200°C
  4. Duck weight 2500 g need about 120 minutes roasting.
  5. Start cutting the duck after 15 minutes resting outside. Use this time to remove fat drippings you will need for “mlinci”.
Most Helpful

I love this recipe! the flavours really explode in this dish. I love it!

soccerstar84 March 12, 2014

Love this recipe! So easy, yet to tasty. And mlinci make the perfect side dish. Thank you, Nitko, for sharing this with us. :-)

mirelaz November 21, 2009

awesome and simple was my first duck and it roasted quite nicely thanks for the tips!

jbridger November 12, 2009