Mushroom Deviled Eggs

READY IN: 42mins
Recipe by Miss Nina

Our Russian family has been making these for years. It is always a dish at our dinner parties and holiday dinners. I could eat these forever!!! Great for people that love mushrooms, mayo, and eggs. Leftover mixtures can be mixed into rice or even eaten with bread, soup, etc.

Top Review by extrasn

I like all of the ingredients in this recipe. All very yummy, but the measurements are way off. Just think about it....1.5 TABLESPOONS of salt for 6 eggs? I put about 30% of that and it was still really salty. Also it isn't necessary to cook the onions and mushrooms for over 30 minutes. I gave 3 stars because I like the ingredients, but a revision to this recipe is necessary!

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  1. Boil the eggs in salt for about 12 minutes and set aside when finished.
  2. Meanwhile, start to cut up the mushrooms into small pieces. (about the size of mini m&m's), but don't make them too small because when you cook them on the skillet they will get smaller.
  3. Heat up a 10 inch skillet on med-high heat with some vegetable or olive oil, & throw the cut up mushrooms on there.
  4. While that's starting to cook, mince the onion and throw it in with the mushrooms after about 7 minutes. (the mushrooms cook longer and you don't want to burn the onion).
  5. Sprinkle that mixture with the salt and pepper. Stir around.
  6. Cook for about 13 minutes or when the look and the smell of the mixture tells you that the food is cooked thoroughly. Some describe the mushrooms done when they "pop" off of the skillet.
  7. While that is cooking, take the shells off of the eggs, slice them in half, and take the yolks out carefully. (keep half of the yolks).
  8. When the mushroom/onion mixture is done, place it from the skillet into a separate bowl and mix in 1 tbsp of mayo (or more if you want) and half of the yolks.
  9. Stuff each half of each egg with the mixture.
  10. Place a little more mayo on top of each half of each egg and top with cilantro for garnish.

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