Montreal Steak Seasoning

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5 mins
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  1. Mix all& store in a glass container.
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Fabulous! I have not tried the "real" thing. Came across this when looking for a way to spice up a not prime cut of venison. Did a slow-cooker roast first rubbing the tough meat with olive oil, then this seasoning. - Since I have used it on grilled venison (- tenderloin) and on chicken. It is so good I am mixing up a huge batch and adding a zip-lock baggie full to each of my 4 adult children's Christmas package!

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Never had the real thing, so just have to take your word, but it sure is tasty and works in recipes I have tried it in!

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This is not the McCormick Montreal steak seasoning, but it is very good. I've used it on burgers and on pork chops. Red pepper can be adjusted to taste.