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Total Time
20 mins
15 mins

Monfongo is made by mashing tostones (twice fried plantains) with garlic, olive oil, and chicarrones or bacon.




  1. First make tostones: Cut plantains in wedges. Fry until tender. Flaten with a "tostonera" or with a second cutting board. Fry for a second time, until light golden.
  2. Using a mortar, crush garlic cloves and add adobo.
  3. In a medium bowl, mix together the garlic/adobo paste, olive oil and chicharron or bacon.
  4. Mash the tostones, a few at a time (never use a food processor!).
  5. Add some of the garlic mixture.
  6. Mash tostones in separate bowls. This will allow the garlic mixture to spread evenly.
  7. If too dry, add more oil.
  8. Shape like small balls.
  9. Serve with pork meat, soups, seafood or solo.