Mexican Crock Pot Chicken

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Total Time
4hrs 45mins
45 mins
4 hrs

This is always a winner when I make this. It is actually a recipe that was passed to me by my mother. I have made this many times for pot lucks and everyone always wants the recipe.

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  1. First, boil the chicken breasts. Then shred them. Mix together the sour cream and cream of chicken soup. Dice the onion.
  2. You want to layer all ingredients. I start with a layer of the sour cream and cream of chicken soup mix. Then put a layer of the shredded chicken. Then sprinkle a layer of the diced onions. Then cheese. Then a layer of the green chilies. (I open the chili and lay it flat) Then put a layer of corn tortillas. repeat this as many times as will fit in your crock pot.
  3. Exact measurements are not necessary in this recipe. The ingredients do the work.
  4. Once everything is layered, cook in crock pot on high for 4 hours.
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We love this recipe! It is very simple and tasty - mild for the kids, yet flavorful enough for the adults to enjoy. Thank you for sharing!

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This was very good!! It was easy to make and went together very quickly. I made the recipe as written, except I added salt and pepper to the soup/sour cream mixture as I felt it needed it. My family gave this a big thumbs-up!! Thank you for sharing this recipe.