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Maggie Beer is one of my favourite Aussie cooks and living in the Barossa she uses a lot of verjuice. But where do you find the stuff? While it is readily available in Europe, it can be a bit hard to find around these parts. If you have access to freshly grown grapes, here's how to make your own.If they are currently in season, freeze them until you need to make the verjuice! The grapes here are the green variety used in sultana production. whatever you use the final result should be tart not sweet.


  1. Pick the green grapes off the stem, discarding any that are spoiled. The grapes should be tart enough to make you pull faces! Washing the grapes is optional although if unwashed it is possible that the verjuice will start to lightly ferment.
  2. Puree the grapes in a blender and then take the resulting juice. It should be clear with a tinge of green.
  3. Try using it in recipes that call for a light vinegar.


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Thanks for posting this - I haven't made it yet, but had been wondering about it, having seen several really intriguing recipes that called for it, and having not the least idea how to obtain it. This is great, thanks again.

crowsilent January 18, 2015

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