Lechuch (Yemenite Yeast Bread)

READY IN: 1hr 15mins
Recipe by Mirj2338

Spongy lechuch, made of yeast dough, is served with hot soups and with dips. The preparation is simple, and is done in a frying pan rather than an oven. The result is something between a pita and a pancake, which can be dipped in tehina, simply spread with honey, eaten as is or torn up into a hot bone soup. I've always managed to scrounge some off my Yemenite friends, but have grown so addicted to the stuff thought it would be a better idea if I just made it myself. This recipe comes from Ha'aretz.

Top Review by Missy Wombat

I made this a while ago but forgot to review it. Easy to make and great if you need a handy flat bread. Doesn't last long!

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  1. Combine all the ingredients with a mixer until you get a smooth batter without lumps.
  2. Place the bowl, covered with aluminum foil, in a warm place for about an hour, and allow the batter to rise.
  3. Choose a good Teflon frying pan.
  4. The frying pan must be cold.
  5. Oil very lightly, you can use a spray, place on a high flame and pour in a ladleful of the batter.
  6. When the batter begins to bubble (after a minute or a minute and a half), turn the frying pan over onto a dry towel.
  7. Keep the lechuch in a pile, back-to-back, face-to-face.
  8. Cool the bottom of the frying pan with tap water, and put back on the stove.

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