Ketchup Toast

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Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

A kid thing really, sounds disgusting, but going to a boarding school, you get used to this sort of thing

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  1. toast bread.
  2. spread with ketchup.
  3. eat.
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MMM...reminds me of childhood. And I thought my brothers and I were the only ones to enjoy things like this. Going to eat a few more ketchup sandwiches next I think :) Thanks again

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My all-time favourite..mmmm hot buttery toast with tomato sauce for brekky! If we were rich there would sometimes be a slice or two of Strassburg to go on top - but I still prefer it naked.

I can't say I ever have placed ketchup on toast (though my father swore I'd eat it on cake I ate so much as a child) but I can say I'm guilty to this day of spreadind salsa on lightly buttered toast.