Herbes De La Garrigue

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Total Time
1 min
1 min

A combination from south-western France. I purchased this from World Spice Merchants at worldspice .com (very good herbs and teas). I had previously and foolishly purchased a pound of herbs de Provence for myself and Christmas gifts. I like it alot but there are only so many things that can be potpourried. The La Garrigue blend is more versatile and bolder. It is a great replacement for Provance or Italian seasoning. I don't know the exact recipe but what I have listed makes up a lot. I use it in beef stew, sausage and white beans, sauteed mushrooms, tomato sauce as well as fresh green beans and pecans sauteed in olive oil. A little goes a long way but I can't use enough.

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  1. Combine all ingredients in a jar.
  2. Crush in hand when using to maximize flavour.