Hawaiian Hamburgers With Grilled Pineapple

Total Time
6hrs 12mins
Prep 6 hrs
Cook 12 mins

Plan ahead the shaped uncooked burger patties need to marinate for a minimum of 6 hours to blend the flavors before grilling. If possible use fresh pineapple rings for this about 1/2-inch thick or a little larger. If you prefer a little kick then add in a small amount of cayenne pepper --- You can also use half ground pork and beef --- you will LOVE these burgers!

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. In a large bowl whisk/mix the first six ingredients together until well blended.
  2. Add in the ground beef with garlic, green onions, black pepper and salt; mix to combine.
  3. Shape the ground beef into 7-8 patties (about 1-inch thick).
  4. Place the shaped patties on a baking sheet; cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for about 6 hours.
  5. Grill the burgers over medium-high heat, brushing with soy sauce while grilling.
  6. Grill for about 6 minutes per side.
  7. The last 4 minutes or grilling place the pineapple slices on the grill; lightly brown on both sides (about 2 minutes per side).
  8. Place a lettuce leaf on each crusty bun.
  9. Top with a grilled burger and then a slice of grilled pineapple.
  10. Delicious!
Most Helpful

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Wow these are incredible. I did not have 6 hours to let them marinate but they were still great. I cant wait to try it again and let the meat marinate for the full time.

We added a drizzle of teriaki sauce to the burgers and toasted the buns on the grill.

The Silly Goose August 04, 2011

This meal was unbelievable!!! I followed it exactly and it was the most delicious, juicy hamburger I ever tasted. My husband can't get enough of it. It was also a great meal to make when making up with your honey. I got alot of bonus points with this meal. It also very easy to make.

kristenmeme June 02, 2011

OOPS!!! I just ran across this recipe and remembered I had made last year and once since then..... This was sooooo delish!!! I love adding spice to the pineapply...nummy! My family and company adored it! You make me look like a good cook Kitten.... thank you!!

Marmie's September 28, 2009