Fru... Fru... Fruit Salad!

READY IN: 10mins

As a child, I remember my grandmother making this salad for me. I do not 100% know the whole recipe but this is all I could remember. I love this salad because i never liked eating fruits when I was little. This is a salad that even a fruit hater like me would learn to love fruits. ENJOY! (: [ BASICALLY... This recipe you could use any fruits but the ingredients I put down is what i usually put in my salad. Sometimes my grandmother would put some cooked shrimp inside and it turns out amazing! ]

Top Review by Sydney Mike

Very easy to prepare, & since we always enjoy both honeydew & cantaloupe, this combo seemed made just for us! I used a large banana & 2 medium Gala apples & this fruit salad was just right! Thanks for posting it! Very easy to prepare, & since we always enjoy both honeydew & cantelope

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  1. Cut the cantaloupe and honeydew in half then into slices like how you would regularly eat them. Remove the outside which is the hard skin of the melons and just dice them up. [ big bite size pieces ].
  2. Core the apples and the pears and cut them into bite size pieces.
  3. Throw the cut up fruits into a bowl and mix them a bit.
  4. In a large bowl, measure out 2 tbsp of condensed milk and 1/2 cup mayo. Mix well and throw in your fruits. Combine your ingredients.
  5. Last, peel your bananas and just either slice them in or you can use your clean hands and rip them into your salad. mix well.
  6. If you feel like you dont have enough dressing [mayo], add more. I usually add more when im finished making this. REFRIGERATE AND SERVE.

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