Fried Bologna Sandwich's (Southern Style)

Total Time
Prep 2 mins
Cook 5 mins

Don't know if it is a Southern thing or not but I grew up on these! I sometimes indulge in one of these late at night or as a late breakfast! Don't stick your nose up until you try them. LOL!

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 2 slice of oscar mayer beef bologna (no substitutions please)
  • 2 hamburger buns (whatever brand is on sell that week works well)
  • 19.71 ml butter (no margarine)
  • yellow mustard (French's is best)
  • 2 slice American cheese (Kraft or Velveeta works best) (optional)


  1. Melt the butter in a frying pan and cut several slits in the edges of the slices to keep them from curling. Fry to your liking (some like them crisp others just like it warmed. Melt Cheese on top if desired. Put between Hamburger buns spread with mustard and enjoy!
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This was often a breakfast item at our house (in the South), except we served the fried bologna on the side and served it with toast and fried eggs. Of course, that was when bologna was cheap. I was surprised to see that a pound of thick cut beef bologna cost as much as a pound of bacon now!!! We always cut slits around the edges of the bologna to get a nice even cook. We also ate fried bologna sandwiches, but never on a bun....always on plain white bread. I was adventurous today and used the bun....couldn't bring myself to add the cheese. Instead I used 2 thick-cut slices of Oscar Meyer thick-cut beef bologna for each sandwich. I like mine with a bit of char, so that is how I made this. This was good, but I have to say I really prefer it on plain old white sandwich bread....there was too much bread with the hamburger bun. I ended up tearing half of each side of the bun off. Thanks for a wonderful walk down memory lane!

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I grew up on these, and still eat these often. I use Bryan's brand of bologna, thick sliced only, it seems to fry better. I also use Crisco instead of butter. It fries anything up real nice. I like to have regular toasted sandwich bread with a slice of cheese waiting when the bologna is ready and hot to melt the cheese@ Finish up with Mayo, and this is the true ALABAMA way!!!

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I grew up on these too and I'm in New York City area! Except we put these on a hard poppyseed roll from a good Jewish or Polish bakery!