Fresh Garden Salad

READY IN: 5mins
Top Review by lisa4318

What we really liked about this was the absence of iceburg lettuce. I forgot to add it to the shopping list when I put the grocery list together to make this for dinner. However, we enjoyed this more without the lettuce. I just mixed the vegtables together really well in a bowl and poof! Very fresh tasting salad. Will be making this again - with or without the lettuce!


  1. Take a visit together to your local farmer's market or health food store.
  2. Pick up some organically grown lettuce and fresh salad ingredients.
  3. Try a new "preservative free" salad dressing as well or use a bit of vinegar and oil.
  4. When you're preparing your salad, make it a few minutes before you're going to eat it so the lettuce and ingredients don't get wilted.

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