Double S (Sweet & Salty) Cracker Snack

Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 0 mins

This flavor reminds me of Rondele cheese, but has none of the ingredients! Quick & Tasty.


  1. Slice cheese and put on cracker.
  2. Bite cheese and cracker.
  3. While chewing, bite pickle for full taste sensation.
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Inklng,I thought this sounded so silly I decided to try it,:) What to my surprise it was very good,so then I went wild,I got out the bologna,and some peanut butter,and tried it with those ingredients,WOW I loved it.I'm here to tell you I had a ball,and so did my grandkids:)Thanks,Darlene

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Love the "Recipe" lol. (Take this and this and eat it. eat this while eating that.)
Too funny, but I'll have to try it out. Thanx for the idea.

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I had to try this and add it to my list of strange recipes I have tried. It tasted pretty good even my husband tried it. I haven't had Rondele cheese before so I can't say if it taste like it or not. Thanks Picholine. Bullwinkle