Total Time
Prep 1 min
Cook 5 mins

This is just good. I'd rather have this than the whole turkey dinner.

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  1. Put alot of mayo on the nice, fresh, soft wonder bread.
  2. Add the turkey slices, stuffing and cranberry sauce.
  3. Some salt& pepper and Enjoy!
Most Helpful

Who knew leftovers could be so good?! We sliced our homemade yeast rolls and topped them with swiss cheese and leftover deep-fried cajun turkey. Then we put them in the oven at 350 long enough to melt the cheese and brown the rolls. Once they were out of the oven, we added mayo and whatever leftover toppings (green beans, mashed potatoes, etc.) we wanted. I was most skeptical about the cranberry sauce, but it was really good on the sandwich! Thanks!

Lucky Clover November 25, 2011

This is exactly how I like my turkey sandwich...I actually enjoy this more then the turkey on the day. I use some butter on the bread too..Yum!

Wild Thyme Flour January 02, 2010

This was a tasty sandwich, I do not know if I would crave it however. A great way to use leftovers....I think it was more of a texture thing with me. Just a little too soft and mushy in the mouth....but the flavor was very good.

Michelle S. November 29, 2009

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