Dakos from the Island of Crete(Greece)

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 6 mins

A traditional meze or light meal on the island of Crete, dakos (also called "koukouvayia") is often called "Greek bruschetta," and is easy to make with few ingredients. The original recipe calls for barley rusk, which is a really dry bread and is sprayed with water to moisten it. This recipe can be updated to use whatever rustic type bread you have on hand.

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  1. Place the bread slices under the broiler and broil a few minutes on each side to toast golden brown.
  2. Grate the tomato with a vegetable grater (or the large grate on a multi-grater) into a strainer over a bowl so most of the liquid drains off.
  3. Spread the grated tomato on the bread and top with cheese. Sprinkle with pepper and a good amount of oregano, and drizzle with olive oil.
  4. Yield: 2-4 as a meze or appetizer.
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Spectacular! I'm dakos for dakos! How simple and yet so wonderful! I figure if this is what the food is like on Crete, I'm packing my bags! I followed Annacia's lead, and added a clove of minced garlic, and also added the olive oil (organic) into the tomato mixture, as I was sure I'd slip and pour on too much. I, too, used Rustic Garlic and Herb Bread Abm to pair it with, which was divine together with it. I wasn't very successful in grating the tomatoes (I used two beautifully ripe plum tomatoes), so I de-seeded them and chopped them. My feta was herb & garlic. This is wonderful, and I absolutely recommed it, and will most certainly make it again and again! Recipeswapped during Veggie Swap 24. Thank you, Sharon!

Katzen July 16, 2010

Sharon, this is nothing short of amazing. The sum of these simple ingredients is SO much more than the sum of it's parts. I felt like moving to Crete!. The only thing I did was to add a little bit of minced garlic and add the oregano and oil into the tomato, all else was exactly as ask. I made Rustic Garlic and Herb Bread Abm and the pairing was heavenly. Thanks for posting this one.

Annacia July 04, 2010