Total Time
Prep 25 mins
Cook 10 mins

This is straight out of "How to Be a Domestic Goddess," though I'd love to take credit for it. It's so delicious. Admittedly, it makes way too much; I usually make a half-batch. I especially like this as a topping for Italian cheesecake. Yum!


  1. Put the cranberries and water in a saucepan, cover, and cook on low heat until tender and popped.
  2. Pass cranberries through a food mill of press through a sieve and put the puree back in a saucepan.
  3. Add the butter and sugar, melting gently.
  4. Beat the eggs, then strain them into the fruit.
  5. Stir constantly over medium heat until thickened, being careful not to curdle the mixture (it should coat the back of a spoon when thickened).
  6. Let cool, then pour into 5 1/2 pint jars (or any other container).
Most Helpful

I used to have a recipe like this but misplaced it. I am thrilled to find it again. I spoon it on the bottom of a baked pie shell and top it with a cream cheese mixture that is lightened with whipped topping. Thanks for posting, I won't lose it this time.

Mean Mary May 31, 2010

This curd is just beautiful! The color and consistency are fabulous. But the flavor is the winner, here. So thrilled that we had frozen cranberries in the freezer! Will definitely be making this one again!!

judi April 22, 2010

Great color, flavor is not to strong. Thickened up nicely.

Coppercloud November 18, 2007