Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 30 mins

A danish recipe posted for ZWT - Scandinavia

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  1. Cook unpeeled potatoes in boiling water. Drain, remove skins and cut into cubes.
  2. Cut bacon into squares and fry crisp in butter.
  3. Add potatoes, vinegar and parsley.
  4. Season with salt and pepper and toss lightly until well mixed and hot.
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Crunchy and soft all at once! YUM! We truly enjoyed these, even tho I was apprehensive about the vinegar. It imparted a tang, which was nice. I did slice into rounds instead of squares...I'd like to pass on a trick I learned for peeling boiled potatoes: if you slice around the middle of the potato, without slicing all the way thru, before boiling, when it is done, you can just slide the skins off the ends. Presto! That trick worked great here...Thanks for sharing a yummy potato recipe, Boomette!

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Update: Wow, just realized I already made these....they are still awesome almost three years later.
Awesome recipe Boomette. We loved it. I've never cooked bacon in butter before but I certainly will again. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely recipe. The potatoes were perfect. My dh likes his potatoes really crispy so I fried them till they were a lovely golden color. So much flavor and so tender. Another winner from Boomie..

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Yum. These potatoes were simple and good. I was a little unsure of adding the vinegar, but glad I did. It added just a bit of tang that was good. Thanks Boomette for sharing. Made for ZWT9.