Civilized Barbacoa (Smoked Chuck Roast)

Total Time
6hrs 30mins
30 mins
6 hrs

Barbacoa in some parts of Mexico and South Texas means cooking a cow's head. Yuk! I got this delicious version from The pulled chuck is served with tortillas.

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  1. Blend the spices.
  2. Rinse and dry the chuck roast and rub with the blended spices.
  3. Prepare the smoker with lighted charcoal
  4. Add a small amount of hickory or desired smoke wood.
  5. Heat smoker to 250F-300°F.
  6. Place the roast on the smoker.
  7. Once the internal temperature is 160 F (about 4 hours), wrap the roast in heavy duty aluminum foil.
  8. Cook for a couple of more hours or until the meat internal temperature is about 200°F.
  9. Pull the roast, drain liquid, rewrap and let it rest for 30 minutes.
  10. Using forks, pull the meat apart into shreds.
  11. Serve with tortillas and guacamole, pico gallo, or black bean and corn salsa.
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I made this in a crockpot as it was a little cold outside for the smoker. Added some hickory smoke flavoring to the mix to mimic smoking, but you just can't beat the real thing. It was good, but I wouldn't use the crockpot method again.

This was excellent, followed instructions exactly. Used it to make beef and beans burritos and got rave reviews. Thank you for posting.