Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas

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READY IN: 2hrs 30mins
Recipe by PalatablePastime

Perfect for when you are in a Mexican mood, the spinach in these is not too overpowering. Even your pickiest eaters just might enjoy this- mine did!

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  1. Prepare the chicken meat ahead up to one day (or may use about 2 1/2 cups cooked roast chicken, possibly leftover, of your choice).
  2. Preheat oven to 475°F.
  3. Rinse chicken and pat dry, and stuff cavity with garlic, onion, lime, and cumin seed.
  4. Seal cavity with skewers or toothpicks.
  5. Fold wing tips under bird.
  6. Rub exterior of bird with olive oil and season liberally with salt and pepper.
  7. Place on a roasting rack in a shallow roasting pan and roast, uncovered, at 475F for 15 minutes.
  8. Reduce oven temperature to 375F and continue to cook chicken, for 45-60 minutes or until temperature in the thickest part of thigh reads at least 170°F.
  9. Allow chicken to rest undisturbed while internal temp rises to 180°F.
  10. When chicken has cooled, remove meat from bones and skin, and coarsely chop chicken and set aside till later.
  11. In a large saucepan, heat 2 tbsp oil or lard.
  12. Cook onion in pan with lard until tender.
  13. While onion is cooking, whisk together the powdered dry milk with cold water until smooth; set aside. Stir in chopped chicken, drained chopped spinach, salt, pepper, cumin, green chilies, lime juice, wine, reconstituted milk, and condensed soup (do not add any extra water to it).
  14. Bring mixture to a boil.
  15. Preheat oven to 350°F.
  16. Lower heat on filling and simmer for 20 minutes, or until nicely thick (you should have about 3 1/2 cups total reduced), stirring frequently.
  17. Take 1 1/2 cups enchilada sauce and coat the bottom of a 13x9 inch casserole dish or lasagna pan.
  18. Heat 2 tbsp lard, oil, or chicken broth in a small skillet.
  19. When filling is ready, heat each tortilla for just a few seconds on each side in the small skillet just till it softens (if using flour tortillas by chance, you will only need to warm these briefly in the microwave or something similar).
  20. Drain tortilla and place it on a heat-proof cutting board.
  21. Place 1/3 cup filling mixture across the center of the tortilla.
  22. Roll up sides, and place enchilada seam-side-down in the casserole dish.
  23. Continue this way until all tortillas are used.
  24. Cover tortillas with remaining enchilada sauce, and sprinkle with grated cheese.
  25. Bake, uncovered, for 25 minutes at 350F or until heated through.
  26. Serve garnished with sliced scallions and any other condiments of your choice.

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