Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 30 mins

this recipe idea came from when i worked at a restaurant. the made chicken florientine, but, i changed it around, and left out the tomatos, and made it different then they did.


  1. i usually cut chicken into thinner pieces first, they cook faster.
  2. cook linguini, drain, set to side (its best to fill pot with hot water, and let pasta sit in water after cooked, until ready to use).
  3. sautee chicken.
  4. i use butter, and oil together, just enought oil to barley cover the bottom of pan.
  5. during sauteing, i add some wine, for flavor set cooked chicken aside.
  6. cook spinach, drain, set aside.
  7. put chick, broth in lq pot, bring to boil, reduce heat, add some wine, use some corn starch to make this broth thicker, like a real thin gravy.
  8. arrange plate; put some linguini first, add some spinach, then top off with chicken -- the idea is to make it pleasing to look at.
  9. spoon some thickend broth on top of layered linguini, spinach and chicken.


Most Helpful

This is very good, easy to make, and looks like you spent hours to make.

Enobmah September 12, 2002

this was easy to make. the wine gave the spinach a good flavor. on the plate, it looked like i spent alot more time making it! my family thought it was a special occassion !

jersey March 24, 2002

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