Candy Cane Bath Salts in a Jar

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Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

Soothing and refreshing

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  • 8 lbs epsom salts
  • 4 lbs kosher salt
  • 12 teaspoon glycerin
  • 12 drops peppermint (essential oil)
  • 12 drops red food coloring


  1. Empty half of the Epsom Salts into a large bowl and add half of the Kosher salt. Mix well.
  2. Add half the glycerin, half peppermint oil and food color. Mix well. Color should be even.
  3. In a second bowl, empty half of the Epsom Salts and add half of the kosher salt. Stir well. Add half the glycerin and half the peppermint oil. Mix well.
  4. Holding jars at an angle layer salts in the jars, alternating white and red.